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I took the plunge and ordered one yard of my Zelda Wind Waker map from Spoonflower:

They turned out amazing! About 20″ almost square. Needs to be ironed. I used Heavy Cotton Twill and a rotary cutter. There’s almost NO fraying which is awesome! But I don’t want to risk damage when they’re sold so I’ll probably break down and use fray check just in case. I’m so excited. Who wants one?!

PS Knowing me I will also make a tube just like the scroll cover in the game… You can imagine how this is difficult to resist…

I made one test background for my lightening sheep project:

Sheep Background Test

But this really doesn’t speak yet. Not yet hearing the voice of the environment. I’m going to have to try again!

Trying my utmost to cram in more Pokemon gijinka for Lindsey Reimer’s giant collab. Here’s the evolution to go with my Nosepass, Probopass:


Based on the Japanese Thunder god Raijin. Hopefully he looks related enough to Nosepass…

I managed to eek out one more Pokemon Gijinka! Nosepass:


Hung out in a little forest this weekend and did some plein air painting:

Planted Forest Web

Someone forgot how painting during sunset was kind of nuts. Isn’t it supposed to take like an hour for the sun to set?! Ugh. Oh well. Turned out decently enough.

I decided to participate in a massive Pokemon gijinka collab! My first entry is Bronzong:


So jolly he does a dance and summons some rain for the crops!

Usually I post comics on my comic blog, but this one is more rough so I thought I’d share it here! It’s all about how our connections with others are our link to reality:

Hw 3 Spread 1Hw 3 Spread 2

Oatley Academy has launched it’s amazing new course and I’m so excited that I have baked you a cake (Crayke for OALivers):


Now take a slice and I’ll tell you a quick story:

Chris Oatley and the Oatley Academy team have completely changed my view toward my artwork and professional practices. Seriously. I’m not really a person to give that kind of praise often, and when I try things that have reviews like that I’m often pleased, but not wowed.

The new course, Oatley Academy Live! wows me. Every class surprises me with the depth of information and the perspective it takes on artistic issues. Even as a long-time listener of the ArtCast or PaperWings Podcast, I have still grown exponentially from the experience. And the community! In less than a month I’ve expanded my contacts and resources just by signing up and participating.

Go sign up. Then take another slice of Crayke (cray cray cake). ┬áIt’s gluten free and never runs out of slices.

Another quick concept. I had a girl in mind for this role but this is what came out in this drawing. Usually I’d let it slide but I’d like to stick to my guns and change back for the final design. Till then, a frustrated thread dyer:

Dye Worker Web

Apparently this never posted!

Okay so I didn’t spend all of the days doing master studies. But I at least practiced a new technique that I wasn’t comfortable with! Here’s the initial scan for my last drawing. I’ll do a final scan of it later this week.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight



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