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Finally got around to making a post about my most recent masking tools.

I found out about glass pens from the amazing Cécile Brun & Olivier Pichard over at Atelier Sento (3:10 of the video but why not watch the whole thing). Now my set up looks like this:



Glass pen (full size from J Herbin), masking fluid (whatever was at Artco because I didn’t feel like driving the extra 15 mins to get to Michael’s) and a cheap Crayola brush. It’s the most effective set up I’ve had so far!


The drawing gum wipes right off both of these. Standard care not to get any into the ferrule of the brush though.



This stuff is just fine. I used to use Winsor & Newton but it’s hard to compare because I used it so infrequently and with different tools (how many brushes did I ruin…). I can say this seems to dry a bit stiffer and comes off less in one pull and more like little crumbles you have to systematically rub off. I also learned that (at least with the type of cheap paper I’m using) the painting has to be bone dry before taking off the gum or you risk tiny fiber tear outs at random. It can be applied above finished areas if it is taken off after the gum has completely dried. I have no complaints about its performance!

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! My Cat in the Hat without reference looks like Mr. Peanut… I suppose it’s my birthday too. Happy Birthday us!

Cat in the Hat

Time for a new geeky or literary map. Any ideas? I’ve done:

Phantom Tollbooth Map Web

The Phantom Tollbooth

Great Sea Map Web

Windwaker Sea Chart

The first that comes to mind is a sprawling Metroid 2 map but upon research that seems a little crazy. Any requests? Leave a comment! I also have a Twitter account now (I know, I finally caved) so you can hit me up @AbrianCArt with replies as well!

I will post some finished art someday guys. Really. I’ve just been in comic production more for so long that I’m not getting to paint much. And of course I’m trying to cram in hobbies…

Peacock Sketch


I got to draw a peacock man which is super exciting but I won’t be able to show the final for a while since it’s *sigh* part of the comic…

I’ve finally closed my Etsy shop. Once I have something to offer, I’ll likely be going through a platform that can be integrated into a website rather than an outside shop (maybe, we’ll see). I’m cleaning up my web homes. I have way too many at the moment… Yes I still plan to shift the blog over to it’s new site. I’m still working on it!

Waterfall Sketch


One of those quick studies becomes an hour + of noodling around… I found out that the actual waterfall is kind of boring. It’s all about the surrounding elements. Big lesson for me since I get to draw a ton of waterfalls tomorrow!

Warm ups today and I decided I need to study more cold weather gear because I’ll need to know a whole lot about it soon. Instead I drew a valais blacknose sheep. It’s hard to believe that they actually exist…

Blacknose Sheep Sketch

I just needed to paint something…

Self Portrait Winter Tea Color Web


I don’t actually own that cup nor that sweater. So if anyone wants to know what to get me for my birthday next month…

Hourly Comics Make Up


Yeah. I actually plotted all year about all the cool things I would try. Then flubbed. So I made a make up comic and toned it digitally just for you! And I really dislike pu-erh… but I’m drinking it. Or trying to…

Sunrise Color Comps

Some quick paintings of early morning… If you want to test your painting skills, try painting different times of day…




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