Flawless Execution

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You are going to start a project.

You are going to research how to execute every step of the project.

You are not going to be frustrated when your first try isn’t just right.

You are not going to obsess over getting each step right.

You are going to learn.

You are going to grow a new skill.

You are going to thank your body when you get it right.

You are going to thank your body for trying when you get it wrong.

You are ready to start now.

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Watercolor Inventory – Brushes

Gnarled Brush Web.jpg

Truth: I own exactly one “good” brush.

Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Miniature Round #1  This is not an exaggeration. The rest are just general golden synthetic watercolor brushes. No foolin’. But this works very well for those tiny, hard to get in spaces and for fine lines.

Protege 512 #12 Round Brush – This came in a combo pack I don’t currently see on Amazon, but between this and the Kolinsky, I get 95% of the painting done. Rarely I’ll switch to a slightly smaller round bush.

Why round brushes? I find that they’re the best for pushing paint around in a variety of ways without leaving brush marks (on Hot Press paper). I thought filberts wound be great for this. I thought wrong.I’m all about the rounds.

“Good” brushes hold more water and have more spring to them, meaning that they come back to a sharp point right when you lift it up from the paper. These are great features. But the synthetic brush was literally made for watercolor. Use this beautifully cheap gift from the brush craftsmen on high.

I may doodle some black and white doodles detailing the other brushes in my arsenal (used and unused yet useful and I probably should be using them).

The Journey

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Following your passions from day one of your journey is like heading off on a grand adventure without a destination, but expecting to end up in the right place.

You’re going to go through a journey. You will probably start this journey without a direction, or change directions along the way.

Make yourself okay with the journey. Since you know that you’ll be wandering, changing paths and taking unexpected detours, don’t get frustrated.

You will find your way and have a richer career because of it.

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Watercolor Inventory – Camera

Magic Camera Web

This is as close as I could get to a fantasy camera! Image in a bottle spell?

It wasn’t my plan to talk about cameras at all actually. But as I’m on break week, I’ve been painting for pleasure. And one thing that all watercolorists run into is dry time.

Everyone thinks watercolor is so fast. Nearly instantaneous right? Hardly. There’s a lot of dry time involved and it’s crucial to let it happen. I find that the best way to remember to let things dry is to take progress images. Every time you do a major step, take a moment and snap an image. You don’t have to do anything with them, but they do make nice gifs or social media posts.

I typically use my phone since it’s at hand, but I also have a DSLR Canon Rebel which I used for watercolor videos (coming soon, still testing the set up).

When to Hope

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Hope is what keeps some people alive.

For most of us, however, can easily fall prey to using hope as a crutch.

Hope is for when you have done everything you can to make something happen, and now success rests in someone else’s hands.

Hope is not for sitting about, hoping that you’ll make it someday.

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