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Happy Easter! I would totally have drawn something Easter related if I hadn’t watched Indigo League Pokemon last night and remembered how utterly deep and creepy it used to be. Can we talk about Sabrina?



I mean no one even questioned the fact that she levitates. She’s hyper psychic and that ultra creepy doll… And this was totally fine for my little brain. I think it was a little creepy but I didn’t think it was terribly radical.

…And Sabrina is kind of my favorite. I mean, she’s with Team Rocket. How cool is that?!

I’ve learned something over the past month. I don’t like to ramble about myself but I felt this one was necessary. This is for all the hyper-productive people out there. We get up early, work, exercise, clean, bed on time, the whole package.

I thought I was resting. I mean I only got maybe an hour or three of artwork done on day job days, 5-6 on weekdays. I got plenty of sleep, exercised daily but still had a ton of time to relax. And I did relax. But I wasn’t actually RESTING. Let’s talk about the difference and why it matters.

My general schedule went: Wake up early, 1hr exercise, 1hr artwork, 7hr day job, rest of the night to work, clean and/or relax. Not bad right? I really wasn’t doing much. And frankly after my day job I’d be super unproductive so cleaning and work were often saved for the weekend.

First change: I just said I was unproductive after the day job right? But mentally I knew I was just fine and I expected myself to work after I got home. And I’d feel bad when I didn’t. So I’d try to cram more in the morning but one can only get up so early! So I ditched that expectation. Instantly I felt better and actually produced more work and had more energy than before.

Second change: I exercised every day. It wasn’t high impact so I didn’t need a break right? But I also looked the same from when I started a year before (and on and off before then). Guess what? Even with a medium-intensity workout, the body needs rest to enact the changes you’re making! So I went to a strength-building workout 3 days a week. I still can’t fathom how working out less is better, but I can literally feel the mending happening as I rest an extra hour in the morning (not necessarily sleep but rest).

Two changes. That’s it. Last weekend I took one day off to rest and clean, then I drew a record number of pages the following day!

Moral of the story: Sleep and good food are vital. But so is rest, mental and physical. Not just hanging out and relaxing but genuine moments of rest. Cutting back is scary but I’m more productive after doing so!

I haven’t had a moment to post lately! I’ve really been slacking on these hour long practice sessions, not in the application of technique but in the actual final drawing. So I’m spending the last few days actually plotting out a decent drawing. So my almost finished image from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight:


Some days drawing is like pulling teeth… I didn’t do a proper warm up either so if I intend to work later I should get some doodling in today! I put my main guy Berin into a mage pose that I’d usually use for Emir. Didn’t turn out as awkward as I predicted!

21 Days - 17

Back to my Nautical Forest Machines:

21 Days - 16


Wish I had spent more time forming the foliage but I’m getting less and less disappointed with the way these are turning out!

Another toned sketch after Justin Gerard:

21 Days - 15


Much simplified and tying into my comic as usual! Instead of a firmer paper, I went with softer Prismacolors. A lot more sharpening but certainly easier to get a dark line.

It feels odd to do a study of a drawing for some reason. So I opened up some toned drawing images from Justin Gerard and mixed it with some Nausicaa:

21 Days - 14


The papers I have been using are scraps or backing or packaging paper which are rather soft. I may grab some tougher paper for the rest of these studies… Definitely feeling better about my sketches though! Maybe my point in this 21 Days has really been “More Beautiful Drawings.” Crud. I haven’t been sticking to my Nautical Forest Machine theme lately… I should do some before the days are finished!

Okay. Last character portrait to get me comfortable with the medium. Tomorrow I start a toned study on real paper!

21 Days - 13

I flubbed on the toned paper drawing yesterday. In fact the day before was sub-par too. So I got y schedule back together and took the time to really draw:

21 Days - 12

Gaaah more wrinkled paper! I’m totally off my groove today. I took the morning off to rest and tried to do a bit of work at night. Which is silly because I’m horrible at working after my day job, especially if I haven’t done any work in the morning. Oh well. I had to squeeze this portrait out even though it’s of one of my recurring characters. Uuugh. Tomorrow will be better!

21 Days - 11



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