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Hello. It’s been a while.

I sent an email out to newsletter subscribers, but I thought I’d share here for you as well.

Things are finally changing.

I mentioned last time that I was ending my big comic because it was overreaching with it’s content. Tales of Elgon will end in mid-October at the end of the current chapter. 

I will finally be merging all of my blogs into one so that I will be able to have a rock solid home-base. From here on, my world will be built one illustration, map and comic at a time. As I’ve mentioned, the first of those stories is Woolmancy, but I will be working on little things in the meantime, as well as sharing resources.

Trading Post Header - Color Comp
Digital color comp of my current illustration

The culmination of this worldbuilding and storytelling will be Blue Cat Trading Company. They deal in the trading of tales, hitherto recorded on my new website.

Everyone is welcome. The site will be viewable to everyone, but I want to share this community with people who want to explore with me. So comments will be for logged in visitors only. That said, all the images will be on my social media outlets, so you will be able to comment there as well.

(I’ve been posting a ton on The Instagram I just got. I know, I’m slow to adapt newfangled media advancements)

I’m attempting to auto-transfer current followers. I don’t want you to miss out on the artwork to come!

This is kind of a new arena for me. I’m no longer doing things the way I’ve always been told to do them (have a webcomic, be on as many platforms as you can manage, output every day…). It’s all good advice. But I’m striking out on a new path now. Hopefully it will be awesome!

Woolmancy Updates!

It’s been a while! おひさひぶりですね?おげんきですか?

Here’s what’s been going on:


Character work for Woolmancy

My big comic Tales of Elgon is almost all painted and will be ending after volume one. Why? Because the world is far too big for just one comic! I realized that the scope of the world I was trying to cover was just too large for one massive webcomic.

That said, Woolmancy will be the first of several short one shots. Maybe they’ll end up telling the big tale, maybe not. I may reuse the characters from the big story and tell their tales individually, occasionally intertwining.

We shall see what the future holds as I rebuild my empire!

Moving Forward with Progress

Progress Title

I am a charlatan. Hideous. Don’t even look at me.

I have been telling you to do something that I haven’t been doing myself.

I’ve been asking you to pick one project and run with it. To focus in and apply your full attention to your project all the way through. I have not been doing this.

I have been making comics and comic guides, writing blog posts about watercolor tools, progressing in your personal projects, and a newsletter about personal progress. What? What?!

What do I want? I want to make sequential art. So I need to focus on everything to do with sequential art.

Does that mean that I need to stop writing helpful tips? Of course not! They just need to come in a different form.

I will still be posting my comics and Watercolor Inventory series. Things will regrow from there!

Keep commenting and following the journey! I love hearing from you.

Flawless Execution

Progress Title

You are going to start a project.

You are going to research how to execute every step of the project.

You are not going to be frustrated when your first try isn’t just right.

You are not going to obsess over getting each step right.

You are going to learn.

You are going to grow a new skill.

You are going to thank your body when you get it right.

You are going to thank your body for trying when you get it wrong.

You are ready to start now.

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Watercolor Inventory – Brushes

Gnarled Brush Web.jpg

Truth: I own exactly one “good” brush.

Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Miniature Round #1  This is not an exaggeration. The rest are just general golden synthetic watercolor brushes. No foolin’. But this works very well for those tiny, hard to get in spaces and for fine lines.

Protege 512 #12 Round Brush – This came in a combo pack I don’t currently see on Amazon, but between this and the Kolinsky, I get 95% of the painting done. Rarely I’ll switch to a slightly smaller round bush.

Why round brushes? I find that they’re the best for pushing paint around in a variety of ways without leaving brush marks (on Hot Press paper). I thought filberts wound be great for this. I thought wrong.I’m all about the rounds.

“Good” brushes hold more water and have more spring to them, meaning that they come back to a sharp point right when you lift it up from the paper. These are great features. But the synthetic brush was literally made for watercolor. Use this beautifully cheap gift from the brush craftsmen on high.

I may doodle some black and white doodles detailing the other brushes in my arsenal (used and unused yet useful and I probably should be using them).