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I suppose this Nausicaa is an improvement over yesterday! Still battling the remnants of some seasonal allergy crud (oh I’m aware that it’s not spring) so I should be an art-producing beast soon. But for today, a good warm-up:

Nausicaa Standing Sketch

Gah I really need to stop with these quickie Inktober posts! I got wrapped up in cleaning, feeling under the weather and finishing my kantele (more on that tomorrow). For now, here’s a Nausicaa for you:

Nausicaa Seated Sketch


I may give her another shot tomorrow…

Today we have a study for a potential illolifeRPG character portrait. I can think of a billion ways to make this more dynamic but good enough for Inktober :)

Art Mage Study

Just a quick doodle of me and my blue cat… unaware of this blue fiend? You can find some info on him here, here and here.

Cat and Me

I did a quick paint over my Inktober sketch yesterday to test out the Fabriano student grade hot-press paper. It works fine and I should have no problem executing my comic on this cheaper alternative (I was using Fabriano soft press which only comes in artist grade apparently).

Quick Portrait Color


Oooh man. This was one of those “what else will go wrong” sort of pieces. Wind storm with lights threatening to go out, late because I worked and spent the rest of the time sanding my kantele, suddenly rusted nibs, nib performance issues, ink blob (my fault, not the nibs). Yickt!

Quick Portrait Rough

The saddest part is that I drew this on the new hot press watercolor paper I got as a scrap tester image so I actually have to come back to it tomorrow and paint …maybe it knew it was just a tester and wanted to torment me?! Maybe…

Pricing Beast Sketch


A quick sketch of an idea for the art pricing beast. He’s actually quite a gentleman though he can be a bit two-faced. A double-sided coin if you will :P

Oooh man… It’s been like 4 years since I’ve drawn a horse… Let this be a reminder children: If you don’t practice you will be a failure :P

Horse and Rider

Makkuro Kurosuke

I made some soot spirit Halloween treats today so I thought that my Inktober drawing should be a soot spirit! Or at least what one might look like if they were human…

Brush Pen Food

Some food today! Just wanted to use my brush pen today and experiment with heavier use of black than I’m used to… than that of which I am used… grammar.



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