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GUYS! Did everyone back Pascal Campion‘s kickstarter and get his awesome book?! I mean the images are stunning as always, but he has notes scattered on just a small handful of pages that are SO WORTH READING.

I mean it’s nothing revolutionary but matched with amazing examples of emotion-invoking images just makes you think “…well why don’t I just try something. For goodness’ sake you can’t get worse from practice.” So I did:

Sunrise Warm Up


I wanted to paint buildings in sunrise… but I drew a person… and then I drew a couple more… then a beach. No planning, no reference aside from looking at a few sunrise pictures to pick two colors to paint in and I went for it. These are comic characters but this scene never happens. I didn’t use reference or worry about anatomy (…or composition…) because that would make it into a “real” painting and I would have to care about how it turned out. From first pencil stroke to final brush stroke this took and hour, ink and all.

Parts of it are very ugly but I couldn’t be more pleased that I was able to loosen up and do this! From now on, I will try to make more paintings this freely as warm ups. I think it will really help my artistic growth. Really want to go back and add more blue and shadow on this one though… I always wimp out on the first pass…


I didn’t mean to do Inktober and vanish! I’ve been hard at work on maps and comic pages. My kantele has been done for a few weeks but I haven’t had the proper audio recording (or skill) to put up anything. I’ll post pictures of it soon. For now, we’re at Level 5 in IllolifeRPG! I’ve been slackin’. Really couldn’t think of anything good for this one though so I just drew whatever and painted it however.

Illolife Character 5


Ghost Cat

Is that a ghost cat?! LAst day of Inktober and Happy Halloween!

Master Sai Toned Sketch

Should have used white gel pen but it showed up better in the scan than I thought it would! I’ll have to use paper darker than parchment for the future. Unfortunately in the middle of this, the cartridge in my pentel pocket brush pen raised it’s eyes toward ink cartridge heaven and will only be able to dry brush effect and then depart to a better, recycled world… Time to order new ink! wish I could find a store nearby with refills…

I suppose this Nausicaa is an improvement over yesterday! Still battling the remnants of some seasonal allergy crud (oh I’m aware that it’s not spring) so I should be an art-producing beast soon. But for today, a good warm-up:

Nausicaa Standing Sketch

Gah I really need to stop with these quickie Inktober posts! I got wrapped up in cleaning, feeling under the weather and finishing my kantele (more on that tomorrow). For now, here’s a Nausicaa for you:

Nausicaa Seated Sketch


I may give her another shot tomorrow…

Today we have a study for a potential illolifeRPG character portrait. I can think of a billion ways to make this more dynamic but good enough for Inktober :)

Art Mage Study

Just a quick doodle of me and my blue cat… unaware of this blue fiend? You can find some info on him here, here and here.

Cat and Me

I did a quick paint over my Inktober sketch yesterday to test out the Fabriano student grade hot-press paper. It works fine and I should have no problem executing my comic on this cheaper alternative (I was using Fabriano soft press which only comes in artist grade apparently).

Quick Portrait Color


Oooh man. This was one of those “what else will go wrong” sort of pieces. Wind storm with lights threatening to go out, late because I worked and spent the rest of the time sanding my kantele, suddenly rusted nibs, nib performance issues, ink blob (my fault, not the nibs). Yickt!

Quick Portrait Rough

The saddest part is that I drew this on the new hot press watercolor paper I got as a scrap tester image so I actually have to come back to it tomorrow and paint …maybe it knew it was just a tester and wanted to torment me?! Maybe…



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