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Dor's Laundry

I don’t care how long you’ve lived in the mountains Dor, this is not an acceptable weather situation in which to be hanging┬álaundry.

Whew. Kept delaying this one. 10 minutes, late night and no ideas? You get this:

Popcorn Charge

Red Panda Hamilton rallying his popcorn troops… or baby squid…

Korra Sketch

Finally the Korra sketch I’ve been wanting to do! Didn’t have the capability to set up for washes this morning so we’ve just got ink and graphite for ya today.

Actually I’m rather surprised at this final season of Legend of Korra. They’re really taking their time to build the story which I appreciate and mused a bit about over at the comics blog. I will watch the rest of the series with keen interest as they build complexity!

Sky Dog and Cloud

Poor, poor little cloud… Mr. Sky Dog looks hungry. Flee little cloud. Flee.

Cold Tengu

Poor tengu. Do compare to this post from long ago.

Person Ink doodle

Just a doodle today!

Levithan Ink sketch

A quick doodle of a leviathan beast I’m working on. I started planning this one out then just sketched the rest in ink. And at some point he ended up with two sets of arms? To the drawing board, away!

Quick Inkscape

Augh my draw! I broke my draw this morning! So another quick character doodle rather than the awesome environmental thing I wanted to do (which is funny because I still don’t know exactly what that “thing” was going to be):

Imolia Doodle

Yeah she’s the super cool, white-haired, awesome lady. BUT watch for the character development on this girl. I think I did a pretty good job making her very much not stereotypical. Unfortunately she’s introduced on page 142 out of 142 of volume one! So… we’ll have to be patient!

A character doodle from my webcomic Tales of Elgon for today’s Inktober!
Yarka's PopsicleNoowp. Yarka’s got it covered. What’s yours is Yarka’s silly man.



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